If you don’t take care of your body,
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About Stephanie

Stephanie Levine

In 2004, after the birth of my second son, I realized that caring for two small children was leaving my body drained and out of balance. I was taking walks but had let my fitness and activity levels drop. I had always been active and happy outdoors and, in fact, had competed with the Canadian Modern Pentathlon Team between 1983 and 1992. If I was going to keep up with my two active boys, it was time to rethink things!

I started taking twice weekly yoga classes and then added running. At first I resisted going to yoga class, but soon realized how critical it is to put exercise and self-care first. I was fortunate to find an excellent yoga instructor. With her guidance, I discovered the subtleties of proper movement patterns and was able to reestablish my core strength and correct painful imbalances in my body.

In 2011 I became a certified personal trainer and began working as a trainer for Southside Booty camp. I continued to take additional fitness training with an emphasis on corrective exercise and rehabilitation. This, along with my 25-year career as a massage therapist, my ongoing yoga practice, my experience as a doula and massage instructor, all come together, to give me a unique and effective approach to fitness.


I believe being fit and present in our bodies helps us to live well. I believe taking care of ourselves means learning how to be the authority of our bodies; to open our senses to what our bodies are telling us and to respond with honesty and integrity.

I believe developing long-term consistent strategies around exercise and lifestyle is the most important thing to acheiving success. I am not a trainer who advocates fast track fitness programs that will leave you exhausted and likely to quit. I will create workouts that push you to your edge, while maintaining respect for your individual needs and changing body.

My Commitment to You

I will be present to you, listen and provide guidance and information to help you make progress on your fitness journey. I am committed to learning and advancing my skills as a trainer and coach. I will continue to follow new research and take classes on exercise, health and wellness. I will work to empower you to be strong and confident in your body.

You have shown me what I am capable of and for this I will be forever grateful!”

~Rena Koomis

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  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Fitness & Massage Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainier

Setting Goals,
Motivating Change

Stephanie will work with you to achieve your goals, including:

  • start a new exercise program
  • return to exercise after an injury
  • take your fitness to a new level
  • prepare for a race or event
  • create a sustainable fitness practice

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