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Well Fit Seattle

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Well Fit Seattle
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Personal Training

Well Fit Seattle Fitness: Personal Training Classes with Stephanie Levine

Personal training can be the right choice for you if you’re:

  • starting out or returning to exercise
  • have a busy schedule
  • preparing for a race or special event

During one-on-one personal training I can give my full attention to your needs and work with you to achieve your specific fitness goals and schedule.

Location: your home or local park

Price: $80/hr

Small Group Training

Studies show that working out with others has many positive benefits, including higher levels of endorphins and being able to push yourself harder. When working with 2-4 individuals I am able to design a program that meets the needs of the group, while still attending to each individual. You can come to me with a group, or I will try to place you with suitable workout partners. This is a good choice for you if you:

  • enjoy the social aspect of working out
  • find you need accountability to workout
  • need a cost-effective, but tailored workout

Location: your home or local park

Price: $90/hr per group

Movement Fundamentals Series

Well Fit Seattle Fitness: Movement Fundamentals Series with Stephanie Levine

Stay Tuned!
This unique 6 week class series is designed to help you develop proper movement patterns and increased body awareness so that when you begin or resume a more vigorous fitness program you will be able to perform the exercises confidently and be less prone to injury. Classes use concepts from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to, functional training, corrective exercises, yoga, and chi running and walking, and will cover such fundamentals as:

  • accessing your core strength in all movement patterns
  • keeping your back safe when squatting and lifting
  • finding good posture and proper shoulder movement
  • exercising with happy knees
  • understanding the benefits of exercise
  • making effective goals and strategies for lifelong exercise

Stephanie has a keen eye for how bodies should move. She can communicate subtle, effective corrections that make a huge difference in my workout, and how I feel afterward. She was made for this work!”

~Laura Shoemaker

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On Going:

Full-Body Stair Workouts

Well Fit Seattle Fitness: Full-Body Stair Workouts with Stephanie Levine

Seattle is a city of many hilly neighborhoods with outdoor staircases which provide a perfect opportunity for exercise. But stairs are not just for running and walking anymore! Join me for a workout that will give you full body strengthening, mobility, agility and of course cardio.

Please stay tuned, there are no classes available at this time.

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