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Therapeutic Massage

Well Fit Seattle Massage

If you’re coming to massage with restriction or pain in your body, myofascial release will help to release habitual tension and holding patterns and expand your options for movement. This technique slowly stretches the connective tissue around the muscles as well as releasing tight spots within the muscles themselves. Clients may sometimes feel minor discomfort as tissues release, but the work is also relaxing and supports increased body awareness.

During craniosacral work I assess the more subtle restrictions in the body. This lighter touch technique induces a parasympathetic nervous state that is profoundly relaxing and effective at restoring your energetic reserves. Deep relaxation has widespread benefits that impact the body, positively affecting sleep, mood, and digestion. Its value as a therapeutic goal should not be underestimated.

Combining elements from myofascial and craniosacral techniques, the overall benefits of massage include:

  • reducing stress
  • increasing body awareness
  • releasing habitual tension
  • supporting injury recovery
  • decreasing pain

Price: $90 / 60 min. or $125 / 90 min.
Location: BodyWorks (in Columbia City)

I have had professional massages from many many therapists all over the country (and even some other countries too) and Stephanie is by far the best of the best.”

~Jeff Birdsall

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Self-Massage Class

Well Fit Seattle Fitness: Self-Massage Class with Stephanie Levine

In Stephanie’s self massage class you will use foam rollers, tennis balls and your own hands to discover self care strategies that are therapeutic and relaxing.

    Adapting principals from myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage you will learn to:

    • release tension and decrease pain
    • increase range of motion
    • increase energy flow
    • induce relaxation

    No classes are currently scheduled, please contact me with interest to create a class for you or your group

      Price: $25

      Location: Various studios in Seattle

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