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Well Fit Seattle

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Well Fit Seattle
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Whether you are new to exercise or a lifelong athlete, Stephanie has an amazing depth of knowledge and experience... she understands how to inspire and motivate!”

~Maureen Linahan

“Stephanie integrates her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a sense of play and humor that makes her workouts more fun and a sense of calm that makes her massages even more relaxing.”

~Shelly Karuna, M.D.

“Stephanie has a keen eye for how bodies should move. She can communicate subtle, effective corrections that make a huge difference in my workout, and how I feel afterward. She was made for this work!”

~Laura Shoemaker

“In the past four years I haven't sought massage therapy from anyone excecpt Stephanie Levine. Stephanie's skills extend well beyond the massage table: she's given me massage treatment for injury and sports recovery, effective corrective exercises for my work as an orchestral conductor, training tips for triathlons and more. I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else!”

~Alastair Willis

“You have shown me what I am capable of and for this I will be forever grateful!”

~Rena Koomis

“I have had the privilege of receiving massage therapy from Stephanie for years. More recently I have gotten to have her as my athletic trainer. While there are countless reasons I work out with Stephanie multiple times each week, and go to her for weekly massages, perhaps of more relevance is why I refer her to so many friends, colleagues and clients. I work in trauma and only refer those I'm serving, to practitioners I can implicitly trust. Stephanie is someone I have referred people to over and over again and I have heard more times than I can count that she is the best folks have ever been to. Her knowledge of physiology combined with her insight… help her be a fundamentally transformative part of people's paths.”

~Laura Vandernoot Lipsky (author of Trauma Stewardship)

“Stephanie has been my massage therapist for about four years. I've had several massage therapists in the past and now I won't see anyone else. I try to schedule an appointment with her every month. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. I've unfortunately had a few sports-related injuries over the years. Stephanie uses her training as a massage therapist and personal trainer, as well as extensive personal experience as an athlete, to not only perform therapeutic massage but also gives me advice on injury prevention and exercises to improve core strength. I trust her completely and have recommended her to many of my friends.”

~Kay Johnson, M.D.

“I have been getting regular massage therapy from Stephanie for many years and she has greatly helped me transform my chronic back and hip pain. Her excellent understanding of the body combined with incredible intuition, awareness, and skilled hands, makes her an exceptional massage therapist. I have had professional massages from many many therapists all over the country (and even some other countries too) and Stephanie is, by far, the best of the best.”

~Jeff Birdsall

“Stephanie's background, education, and continued passion for good health allow her to offere every client a completely holistic (ful circle) approach to living well in their own bodies.”

~Maryann Tapiro

Setting Goals,
Motivating Change

Stephanie will work with you to achieve your goals, including:

  • start a new exercise program
  • return to exercise after an injury
  • take your fitness to a new level
  • prepare for a race or event
  • create a sustainable fitness practice
Best of 2013 Southeast Seattle Award link

Best of 2013 Southeast Seattle
Best Massage Therapist: Stephanie Levine

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